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The Witch

Name: Eleanor Pinebranch
Age: Like 248 years
Possible place for finding: Etna, Italy

Let's face it, Miss Pinebranch is a witch. I'm not talking about any hocus-pocus thing, I mean real magic. Yes, she has turned men into frogs and cursed people for having a life-time bad luck. Better not to piss her off, I guess. 

People don't born as a witch. They can born with a certain kind of gift or sixth sense, but you really need to study and practice to become a professional witch. It is hard work and you need to be very dedicated to your cause. The curiosity usually begins when something kind of strange and unexplainable happens to these future witches in their childhood. The situation requires a strong emotion.
 The person with the supernatural gifts needs to be careful not to get them self into upsetting situations, for their anger can cause an accident. For example: Two little girls are playing with their dolls. They both have their dolls on their laps, but the other girl's doll is much more beautiful and newer. The girl with a worn doll suddenly grabs the precious beautiful doll from the other one's hands and this causes a loss of the doll's head. The owner of the desired doll obviously gets really shocked and is full of negative emotions. Next, out of nowhere, the doll breaker's hair bursts into fire. The parents explained the incident with sunbeams and a mirror.

But the little girl with her loved, broken doll knew exactly what happened, because that was exactly what she wished her friend to experience.

But curiosity is a strong feeling and usually these people want to try, if they can do it again.
And they really want to succeed and be different. Their will power gets very strong and that is why they usually manage in their freaky little tests. Like could they push over that cup of coffee just by staring at it and really think it to happen..? Could they make that person right next to them sneeze right in this second? 

The succes usually makes them more excited of the thought of being different and extraordinary. They start dreaming about Hogwarts. 

Other kids starts bully them because of their weird interests and absent-mindnesses. Unfortunately the kids can be very horrible to each other. These happenings turns them into dangerous and malicious persons, who swear revenge to all who did all the horrible things and to all the boys who they weren't cool enough for.

On internet, they find many soul mates and they start to collect information of all kind of black magic. Their rooms starts to fill with jars full of spiders, moss and herbs. They get spots on their skin because all the dirt they need to deal with to prepare the heady potations. They get more pale because all the hours spent inside studying. Their teeth drops from all the strong acid drinks, they accidentally taste. They get a bump on their nose, because of all the times they break their conk while practicing flying with a broom stick. They buy a cat to keep them company during the nights, when all the magic is have to be done. Their hair chances into black because of all their dark thoughts. Or in worst case their hair turns into red and they get freckles. Those witches are the most wicked ones. 

And like always, practice makes perfect.
This is how witches are born. 

The future witches and university students can easily be mixed up because of the same deepness of the eye bags. If the person smells like mold and she carries a broom with her, it is most likely a future witch. If you smell beer, the person must be a university student.

Eleanor Pinebranch's story is a very typical one. The curiosity started as a 7-year-old. It was a bright winter day in north of England and Eleanor and her friend Mary climbed up the hill to sledge down. They both used Eleanor's sledges, which her grandfather had made her. The other sledge's pedestal was defective and always ended up turning the sledge to left. This really annoyed Eleanor. Unfortunately her friend Mary wasn't familiar with the amount of annoyance the insufficient sledge caused to Eleanor and poor girl suggested to race Eleanor to catch the better sledge. Mary won and sledged down the hill laughing happily. Eleanor was not happy. She was furious and watched her friend to sledge down the hill that ended up to the frozen lake and wished the ice of the lake crack. 

Mary approached the lake and stopped ten meters from the shore. She turned to wave to Eleanor and at that moment the thick ice broke. 

Eleanor stood on top of the hill, feeling confused. On the moment she realized causing the accident, she jumped on that duff sledge. Distracted of her thoughts, she bumped into a pine. When she had managed to gather herself, the screaming of Mary had already fell silent. 

Even though Eleanor was highly upset of the loss of her friend (and the sledge), the obsession had begun. Was there something different about her? 

It didn't take her a long time to understand the connection between a strong emotion and the magic to happen. Other girls in the village school started bullying her for not being able to save Mary's life. Though they noticed too very quickly the dangerous penalties of making Eleanor upset and usually just avoided her.

Eleanor's life wasn't all about unhappiness. She was passionate to learn more and very happy to notice the progress she was making while practicing her witchcraft. Also, she lived right next to The Thornrose mansion territory and their gardener's son, John didn't seem to bother with her little absent-mindness. He was more impressed by her black, beautiful hair and the fact that the girl wasn't scared at all of the spiders. She also shared his interest of gardening and always brought her some potions to make the roses grow bigger and stronger colored. John and Eleanor were best friends through their childhood and youth.

But unfortunately, the surviving of teenager years changes us and separates us all. It didn't take a long time, when gorgeous-looking Emily Greenhill moved to the village to make every over 7-years -old to 99-year-old men to fall in love with her. John was one of them and probably his magic-potion-grown roses did the trick, and they became unseparated and soon married to each other. He did no longer have so much time to his life-long friend Eleanor and this made her very upset and sad.

"Let's see how happy together they are when everything else around them starts to go wrong." were the baneful thoughts of Eleanor and the years of bad luck started shadowing The Thornrose. 

Eleanor had a reputation in the village and of course, everybody suspected strongly her being the reason of all that followed, though not completely understanding how. John naturally knew exactly the reason of his new, cautious life. As a good man, he couldn't verify the village gossip's thoughts to them to protect his old friend. He also had a conscience. No-one should abandon their friends when the love comes to the picture. He also hadn't exactly verified to Eleanor over the years, that all he felt for her was a strong friendship, but nothing more. He felt deserving her revenge, because no-one can have it all. He had his Emily and their daughter and he was happier than ever.

When the worst things happened, he always went to Eleanor to beg her to stop and tried to explain. She could use her energy to find her true love, because that thing did not live in her neighbor mansion. She didn't listen and finally on one July evening her new love potion was ready. She suggested a walk with John to turn everything with her potion the way it was suppose to be.

But even she had tried the drink for as big and strong as a real bear, that followed love-hungrily the smell of one fox to the garden of Thornrose and end up killing the carrier of the mommy bear's love, The Thornrose heir, the potion, that John drank mixed with a glass of red wine, didn't break the love of John and Emily. It didn't even crack. How embarrassed Eleanor felt, she had been so wrong and wasted so much energy and time to John, and on top of that all: She hadn't been able to prepare a working potion!

So tears in her eyes, leaving everything behind, she flew towards the moon. After reaching it, she decided a direction and landed directly back to planet Earth. This place was in Italy, Catania, right next to volcano Etna. This was such a stroke of luck for her. She soon discovered the power of lava in the potions and she became a very impressive witch, even in the circle of the other witches she soon gathered around her. For the first time in her life, she had a group of people to call a family. One day she noticed, that it was a first day after she was a 7-year old girl, that she didn't think of John. The reason of this, was another witch called Jakob. They felt such a happiness and relativines being exactly in the same level of weirdness, without any secrets.

Now finally, when she had found the happiness and a place to call home, she understood that there is no reason to destroy other people's happiness. She made one last visit to England to Thornose and released the mansion territory of it's faith of bad luck. 

And everybody lived their lives happily ever after. Eleanor and Jacob a little longer, obviously as a users of Never-ending-Life -potion.

So this was a little explication, how to really become a witch. But if you were just looking for how to look like a witch, you find it here.
John's story you can read from here.        

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