Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween 2015


Here some of the looks I created for Halloween 2015. 

Bonnie and Clyde

Pixel girl! Backstage-material from the Vine-commercial for Google App "Reminder" with Visual Country 

And this is me last Halloween. I was "Makeup Artist's Nightmare"

Please don't hesitate to ask on the comment section if you are curious to hear how these looks were done!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vine Commercial for Google App with Visual Country

Check the video with Scary Shark, Charlie Chaplin, Pixel Girl and Airplane from here

On October 2015 I had such a great time to create this Halloween Vine with amazing "Visual Country" team.

Our model was Shan Dodd and all the makeup and hair in the video is by me.

I hope you enjoyed and got more inspiration for your Halloween costume!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Witch

Name: Eleanor Pinebranch
Age: Like 248 years
Possible place for finding: Etna, Italy

Let's face it, Miss Pinebranch is a witch. I'm not talking about any hocus-pocus thing, I mean real magic. Yes, she has turned men into frogs and cursed people for having a life-time bad luck. Better not to piss her off, I guess. 

People don't born as a witch. They can born with a certain kind of gift or sixth sense, but you really need to study and practice to become a professional witch. It is hard work and you need to be very dedicated to your cause. The curiosity usually begins when something kind of strange and unexplainable happens to these future witches in their childhood. The situation requires a strong emotion.
 The person with the supernatural gifts needs to be careful not to get them self into upsetting situations, for their anger can cause an accident. For example: Two little girls are playing with their dolls. They both have their dolls on their laps, but the other girl's doll is much more beautiful and newer. The girl with a worn doll suddenly grabs the precious beautiful doll from the other one's hands and this causes a loss of the doll's head. The owner of the desired doll obviously gets really shocked and is full of negative emotions. Next, out of nowhere, the doll breaker's hair bursts into fire. The parents explained the incident with sunbeams and a mirror.

But the little girl with her loved, broken doll knew exactly what happened, because that was exactly what she wished her friend to experience.

But curiosity is a strong feeling and usually these people want to try, if they can do it again.
And they really want to succeed and be different. Their will power gets very strong and that is why they usually manage in their freaky little tests. Like could they push over that cup of coffee just by staring at it and really think it to happen..? Could they make that person right next to them sneeze right in this second? 

The succes usually makes them more excited of the thought of being different and extraordinary. They start dreaming about Hogwarts. 

Other kids starts bully them because of their weird interests and absent-mindnesses. Unfortunately the kids can be very horrible to each other. These happenings turns them into dangerous and malicious persons, who swear revenge to all who did all the horrible things and to all the boys who they weren't cool enough for.

On internet, they find many soul mates and they start to collect information of all kind of black magic. Their rooms starts to fill with jars full of spiders, moss and herbs. They get spots on their skin because all the dirt they need to deal with to prepare the heady potations. They get more pale because all the hours spent inside studying. Their teeth drops from all the strong acid drinks, they accidentally taste. They get a bump on their nose, because of all the times they break their conk while practicing flying with a broom stick. They buy a cat to keep them company during the nights, when all the magic is have to be done. Their hair chances into black because of all their dark thoughts. Or in worst case their hair turns into red and they get freckles. Those witches are the most wicked ones. 

And like always, practice makes perfect.
This is how witches are born. 

The future witches and university students can easily be mixed up because of the same deepness of the eye bags. If the person smells like mold and she carries a broom with her, it is most likely a future witch. If you smell beer, the person must be a university student.

Eleanor Pinebranch's story is a very typical one. The curiosity started as a 7-year-old. It was a bright winter day in north of England and Eleanor and her friend Mary climbed up the hill to sledge down. They both used Eleanor's sledges, which her grandfather had made her. The other sledge's pedestal was defective and always ended up turning the sledge to left. This really annoyed Eleanor. Unfortunately her friend Mary wasn't familiar with the amount of annoyance the insufficient sledge caused to Eleanor and poor girl suggested to race Eleanor to catch the better sledge. Mary won and sledged down the hill laughing happily. Eleanor was not happy. She was furious and watched her friend to sledge down the hill that ended up to the frozen lake and wished the ice of the lake crack. 

Mary approached the lake and stopped ten meters from the shore. She turned to wave to Eleanor and at that moment the thick ice broke. 

Eleanor stood on top of the hill, feeling confused. On the moment she realized causing the accident, she jumped on that duff sledge. Distracted of her thoughts, she bumped into a pine. When she had managed to gather herself, the screaming of Mary had already fell silent. 

Even though Eleanor was highly upset of the loss of her friend (and the sledge), the obsession had begun. Was there something different about her? 

It didn't take her a long time to understand the connection between a strong emotion and the magic to happen. Other girls in the village school started bullying her for not being able to save Mary's life. Though they noticed too very quickly the dangerous penalties of making Eleanor upset and usually just avoided her.

Eleanor's life wasn't all about unhappiness. She was passionate to learn more and very happy to notice the progress she was making while practicing her witchcraft. Also, she lived right next to The Thornrose mansion territory and their gardener's son, John didn't seem to bother with her little absent-mindness. He was more impressed by her black, beautiful hair and the fact that the girl wasn't scared at all of the spiders. She also shared his interest of gardening and always brought her some potions to make the roses grow bigger and stronger colored. John and Eleanor were best friends through their childhood and youth.

But unfortunately, the surviving of teenager years changes us and separates us all. It didn't take a long time, when gorgeous-looking Emily Greenhill moved to the village to make every over 7-years -old to 99-year-old men to fall in love with her. John was one of them and probably his magic-potion-grown roses did the trick, and they became unseparated and soon married to each other. He did no longer have so much time to his life-long friend Eleanor and this made her very upset and sad.

"Let's see how happy together they are when everything else around them starts to go wrong." were the baneful thoughts of Eleanor and the years of bad luck started shadowing The Thornrose. 

Eleanor had a reputation in the village and of course, everybody suspected strongly her being the reason of all that followed, though not completely understanding how. John naturally knew exactly the reason of his new, cautious life. As a good man, he couldn't verify the village gossip's thoughts to them to protect his old friend. He also had a conscience. No-one should abandon their friends when the love comes to the picture. He also hadn't exactly verified to Eleanor over the years, that all he felt for her was a strong friendship, but nothing more. He felt deserving her revenge, because no-one can have it all. He had his Emily and their daughter and he was happier than ever.

When the worst things happened, he always went to Eleanor to beg her to stop and tried to explain. She could use her energy to find her true love, because that thing did not live in her neighbor mansion. She didn't listen and finally on one July evening her new love potion was ready. She suggested a walk with John to turn everything with her potion the way it was suppose to be.

But even she had tried the drink for as big and strong as a real bear, that followed love-hungrily the smell of one fox to the garden of Thornrose and end up killing the carrier of the mommy bear's love, The Thornrose heir, the potion, that John drank mixed with a glass of red wine, didn't break the love of John and Emily. It didn't even crack. How embarrassed Eleanor felt, she had been so wrong and wasted so much energy and time to John, and on top of that all: She hadn't been able to prepare a working potion!

So tears in her eyes, leaving everything behind, she flew towards the moon. After reaching it, she decided a direction and landed directly back to planet Earth. This place was in Italy, Catania, right next to volcano Etna. This was such a stroke of luck for her. She soon discovered the power of lava in the potions and she became a very impressive witch, even in the circle of the other witches she soon gathered around her. For the first time in her life, she had a group of people to call a family. One day she noticed, that it was a first day after she was a 7-year old girl, that she didn't think of John. The reason of this, was another witch called Jakob. They felt such a happiness and relativines being exactly in the same level of weirdness, without any secrets.

Now finally, when she had found the happiness and a place to call home, she understood that there is no reason to destroy other people's happiness. She made one last visit to England to Thornose and released the mansion territory of it's faith of bad luck. 

And everybody lived their lives happily ever after. Eleanor and Jacob a little longer, obviously as a users of Never-ending-Life -potion.

So this was a little explication, how to really become a witch. But if you were just looking for how to look like a witch, you find it here.
John's story you can read from here.        

How to Create The Witch

When I was a little girl, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the witches. I wished to have a raven black hair, like my all-time hero, Wednesday from The Addams Family.

Oh dear..

Anyways, this piece is not how to look like a seductive Morticia Addams. This is about how they look like when they get out of the bed in the morning.

Let's start from the eyes, as usual, so it will be easy to wipe out all the spread eye shadows around the eye area.

Use an eye base product to ease the color using, but spread it just lightly, because the uneven coloring is just welcome in this makeup. Shade the inside corner of the eye with a cold-shaded brown eyeshadow. Make the color most strong in the hole/area between the nose and eye and spread the eyeshadow until the eyebrows and just a bit in the crease in the eyelid, above the mobile lid. Soften the color with a hint of matt vanilla colored eyeshadow. Spread the vanilla color on top of the eyebrow bone and outside corner of the eye. This makes the eyelids look baggy and the strong inner color eye makeup gives a horror-like-gaze.

Then create the dark eye bags using auberge colored eyeshadow. Finalize with a  cold shaded red lip pencil as an inside-kajal. 

Then right away to my favorite, hide the eyebrows! Brush the eyebrows upwards with a mascara brush (..without any mascara on it…) and attach them in this position with a Mastix skin glue. Tap and spread a red colored foundation to hide their color.

Let's create the typical witch-nose. Tap some Mastix skin glue on top of the nose, where you want the bump to place. Add a small amount of tired cotton on it, and another tap of skiing glue. Cut a small-hazelnut-sized amount of skin wax and warm it up by swirling lightly between the fingers, forming it as a ball. Place the wax on top of the glue and form the bump. Follow the bone structure of the nose, use a sharp spatel as help. Spread the wax carefully on the nose, don't leave any edges. Tap a tiny bit of latex on it with a makeup sponge. 

Now the fresh looking skin. Mix a drop of a very pale foundation with a light green supra color. The result should remind you of  a sea-sickness, but not of an alien. Spread it to the face, blend it together with the eyebrow makeup, the nose bump and don't forget the lips. Ask your model to frown the lips. VoilĂ , wrinkly lips! Powder lightly with a translucent powder. 

Shade the cheek bones with a cold-shaded light brown eyeshadow. Start the spreading from the ear and continue until the highest point of the cheek bone and then pull the color slightly downwards. Highlight a bit with a matte white or vanilla eyeshadow above the shading and blend the colors together.

Now take some grey-black colored fake hair, as much how thick you want the eyebrows to be. Moist it a bit with a mist of water to help processing it. Pull the hair lightly to straighten it up, the product comes braided and therefore it's curly. Cut them into index finger length (my fingers are crazy small and short.)Start tapping the skin glue (Mastix) where the real eyebrow begins, but to create a mean gaze to your witch, chance the position of the natural eyebrows and place the fake-hair in up-warding position. 

Naturally a witch should have a big disgusting mole in some part of her face. Draw one or ten with a brown kajal pen and matte eyeshadow, and of course finishing with a couple of long, curly fake-hair. 

Last, let's remove some of your witch's teeth shall we. Ask your model to reveal her teeth and dry the teeth of your choice with a paper.Please do not remove your friend's teeth with pliers, use tooth enamel instead (e.g.g, from Grimas). The product leaves from the teeth with alcohol. Good luck!

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Old Dude

Name: John Grandfield

Age: Stopped counting after 70th birthday.

Family: Wife Emily Grandfield and a daughter Ann-Rose

Profession: Gardener of an old and grand mansion Thornrose.

John Grandfield was born to a gardener's family and like every man in this family, he too became a gardener. For over two centuries, this family had served the great mansion of Thornrose. It is said that the mansion itself got his name after the beautiful roses that the Grandfield family raised around their magnificent garden.

Unfortunately there were days that The Thornrose was only a shadow of what it used to be and the landlord needed to rent the halls of The Thornrose for weddings and other events. People in the town gossip that the day when the roses of the garden suddenly started to topple, a curse that seems to surround The Thornrose habitants and the house.
Also, our character and the gardener John seemed to have lost his joyfulness and richness of nature with the roses and he always escaped the life to his little gardener's cottage. He was very rarely seen in the village and on those rare days, he didn't bring to the lovely ladies of the village any roses as he used to. 

Such horrible things happened in the territory of The Thornrose:
 Gardener's lovely wife, beautiful as rose, suddenly lost all her hair and the next day lost her ability to talk. No one knows what happened, no one knows exactly why.
The gardener's daughter, Ann-Rose, fell from her favorite tree and broke many parts of her body when out of nowhere, from a clear blue sky, lightning hit the tree. 
One very early morning the gardener woke up to strange voices from outside. He found a mommy bear with her cub eating and destroying all the the hundreds juicy berry bushes and the honey from the wasp farm. Unfortunately the son of the mansion Lord was at the same time returning from his hunting trip from the forest. He got attacked, and as a brave man the gardener tried to save his life with bare fists and sticks. This is how the mansion lost its heir. Since that horrible morning, the gardener withdrew the outside world even more, now with a halting walk and nasty scars.
I could tell even more stories, there would be one with the wasps size of the fists and puffed bride. 
But I won't.

But I can tell that the more superstitious couples searching for a place for wedding certainly will not say their vows in The Thornrose territory.

John Grandfield

So what the F happened? Why is this picture-perfect domain cursed?

The rumor blamed Miss Pinebranch. 

Miss Pinebranch was a lonely old maid with a weird reputation and a large number of cats.
She lived in the neighbor area of The Thornrose and she often visited their land for getting vegetables, berries and the famous honey.
They said that the gardener and she got together very well and there was a spark between them. They said that it was only around him, when she looked almost like beautiful and glowing.

One warm july evening Miss Pinebranch was seen walking from the village towards the Thornrose pond with our gardener. The young gang of kids followed these friends with curious reputation. What they witnessed, was a heartbreaking scene, where Miss Pinebranch confessed her love, tried to kiss our gardener and begged him to leave his wife, but as a faithful and respectful man, he refused her kiss and love.
The young kids escaped back to the village when the crying and cursing of Miss Pinebranch became too embarrassing and loud to watch. But one of the boys told that last thing he saw, was a green glowing light towards the gardener and a punch of words he did not understand. 

For some reason, people of the village believe that Miss Pinebranch has supernatural powers. 

Miss Pinebranch

They believe Miss Pinebranch being a witch.

Yes, it was after this curious and heartbreaking night that everything started going wrong in Thornrose, as Miss Pinebranch vanished from the village for good. This blue season continued over a decade. 

Until one autumn evening she returned, walking through the village with many cats following her. She looked no-one in the eyes, stopped talking to everybody. Her eyes were fixated in the direction of Thornrose.

The village's life and habits stopped for that evening. Everybody felt that something is going to happen and chance, hoping for the best to Thornrose people.

Nothing happened for many hours, until suddenly the same glowing green light stroke to the sky above the Thornrose land. Many people swore seeing a woman flying with a broom towards the moon.

The next day our gardener came down to the village with her lovely wife Emily, whose thick, luscious colored hair moved in the wind beautifully. They carried roses, giving them to everybody, and they placed grand flower-settings around the marketplace. And oh boy, Emily had so many stories to tell. But when asked about Miss Pinebranch, they both suddenly became implied, but gave each other a secret warm and knowing smile. 

Want to show your friends how they will look like as a 254-year-old? Here is how. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Create The Old Dude

This is one of my favorite makeups to do! The way to do it, is exactly quite opposite than you would do your beauty makeup. And the result is always quite impressive.

First when doing The Old Dude makeup, you need to decide how old your character is. It's very easy to go over-the-top with the makeup and the result can be way older that your character were supposed to look like.

Secondly, where is your Old Dude performing? Is it for a masquerade party, or for a stage? Stage on a small theatre where the crowd is really close, or is it a big stage with strong lights? The answer affects how strong of makeup and lines you need to do.

Also understand that the character's manners, clothing, accessories (glasses and hats can make a huge difference) and voice used all add to The Old Dude effect.

My Old Dude is made for the big stage and he is about 80 years old.

No need to use any makeup primers here - the uneven colors are only a positive thing when creating an old skin. 

Spread some pale foundation lightly and starting from the nose, spreading towards the ears. The purpose is not to create an even skin and cover, just to make some sickly looking paleness. Add it also to the lips. Ask your model to wrinkle his/her lips. Very kissable aren't they?

Let's continue with the shading. 

Use light brown, cold shaded and matt eyeshadow. (e.g., Make Up Store Smog).
Shade the inside corners of the eyes. This makes the eyes more boney. The eye bones seem to look deeper, like holes. Continue the color until the iris of the eye and then pull the color downwards, but towards the outside corner of the eye. Color also the inside corner of the eyelid. 

Shade the bridge of the nose until the nostrils. Make the nose more appealing by following more gently  around the nostrils. Smooth the color toward the ears. 

Create the boney face by shading under the cheekbone, beginning from the ear. A blush brush made from real fur is a good size for this. Continue the color a bit over the cheekbone and then pull the shading downward. Continue the shade also on the neck. This line doesn't need to be completely symmetrical and straight, like the old people skin usually is not. 

Shade the temples.

Use for highlighting a white or vanilla matt eyeshadow:

Highlight the eyelid area next to the eye shading, that is not yet colored. So fill the eyebrow bone and the outside corner of the eyelid with the light eyeshadow. This makes the effect of baggy eyelids. Smooth the line between colors.

Color the top of the nose, also the tip of the nose.

Then the forehead.

And the chin.

Also highlight the cheekbones next to he shading. Just follow with the white color the same line as with shading, but just above it. 
Add some light eyeshadow on jawbones, continue to the neck. This creates a bit of a double chin! Again, smooth the lines between colors. 

Now is time for the lines and wrinkles. 

If you want to create very strong lines or make it just last better, base every wrinkle with a brown kajal pen.

Ask your model to furrow the eyebrows. Draw with the same cold light brown eyeshadow the longitudinal lines between eyebrows - that makes you look more strict. Smooth the lines a bit towards the ears. Fill the area between the lines and some part next to the faded wrinkle with the same vanilla matt eyeshadow. 

Now tell something really surprising to your model, like you haven't drunk any alcohol during last four days, or that yesterday you cleaned your apartment and see the forehead lines to be revealed! The result can easily become unnatural. Don't draw all-forehead long and symmetrical lines (mine are just in the edge to be a bit weird looking!). Fill below the line with the vanilla eyeshadow. Smooth the line a bit also upwards. By making some parts of the lines a bit stronger and wider, you make it more natural; they are just deeper parts of the wrinkle.

Now ask your model to smile. You find the mouth wrinkles, that leaves from the nose towards the neck (This is why Posh Spice avoided smiling). Draw these wrinkles with that cold brown eyeshadow and they can be drawn quite strong and deep. Leave the other side shorter to create some asymmetry. Blend towards the ears. 

Deepen the fulcrum line that connects the nose and the mouth together. Soften the line a bit towards both ears. Around the smoothed color, put some vanilla eyeshadow.

Emphasize the chin by drawing a line around it, making it look like a ball. Smooth the line towards the ears. Create the Ridge Forrester chin dimple just by drawing a short line between the chin. Soften a bit towards the ears.

Add a super short line from the corners of the mouth downwards. Smooth towards the ears, add a vanilla line below it.

Let's assume that your character had a happy life full of laughter. We need people to know that, to reveal this, draw the thin lines from the eye corner - the ones that looks like crow's feet (this is why Posh Spice avoided laughing).

Your model has shiny McDreamy hair? Na-aaa, doesn't sound like The Old Dude material. 
Swirl a eyelash brush into moist white aqua color (e.g., from Kryolan). My model has brown hair, but if your model has more blonde hair, the grey aqua color works well. Drag the brush through the hair and sideburns. Also, dry shampoo gives a good effect.

Brush the eyeshadow downwards and also give them some grey charisma.

If your model has a beard or moustache (if a girl, take her to a professional waxer.), color it carefully with white/grey aqua color.

Your model has partied all night yesterday? Brilliant! Take some warm shaded violet or auberge colored matte eyeshadow and make the eye bags even more deep. Draw the lines of the eye bags as low as you dare to make your character more exhausted looking. Make the color most strong right next to the inside eye corner. Smooth the color widely upwards, towards the eye. Add some white/vanilla between the line and the nose to create some puffiness and to make the bags look deeper.

If your character used to live for parties and liked to take more than one glass of red wine a night, his/her skin needs some couperose. Use a sponge that looks like a hedgehog, called stubble sponge, and tap with it carefully red colored supra color (e.g., Kryolan) on top of the nose and to the cheeks and around the nostrils.

Sponge to create some couperose

Create also some brown spots with the same hedgehog sponge to random places. Add more if she/he used to be a hippie living on a beach and already at the age of 30 looked like a sultan.

And my personal favorite: Veins! Just look carefully, your model has them somewhere in his/her face. Make them more appealing with a blue eyeshadow with a real-fur brush.


Monday, May 28, 2012

How to Create The Mad Hatter

This Mad Hatter here is very inspired by Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. What can I say, since as a 6-year-old I saw Cry Baby for the first time, I always fall in love with Johnny Depp's characters. The makeup itself isn't very complicated, just a lovely play with the colors and bone structure, but if you decide to prepare the eyebrows from the scratch, it will take.. a bit longer. The side effects, besides the bloody tired eyes, is the shoulder pain, cramps in the fingers, total loss of your nerves, ugly language use and a bunch of new grey hair in your head. But let's face it, how cool it is to prepare the face hair or wigs on your own, using the real hair?

Picture to help creating the bone structure

But let's begin with the makeup. 

I usually like to begin the makeup from the eyes, therefore all the escaped eyeshadows on the cheeks don't ruin the rest of your makeup. Just swipe them off with a gentle makeup cleansing wipe after you are done with the eyes.

Picture to help show the eye -and the lip makeup

Prepare the eyes, also the lower eyelid, with the eye primer and powder lightly, but evenly (I like to use Makeup Store's reflex cover). Next tap and spread the light blue eyeshadow with a glow ( e.g., Make Up Store's Wave) on the eyelids, until the upper crease in the eyelid. Then take a glowing light green eyeshadow (e.g., Make Up Store Eclipse) and spread it from the blue eyeshadow just until the eyebrows. A real fur brush is perfect for powdery products.

Next, color the lower eyelids with a fuchsia eyeshadow or a blush (e.g., Make Up Store's Frozen Daiquiri blush). Create some shape in the eye by increasing the width of the color to the corner of the eyes. Continue the delicious fuchsia towards the eyebrows. By swirling the round shaped real-fur brush on the eyeshadows, you blend the colors well together and it makes the edges of the colors softer.

Curl the eyelashes and add thickly a white mascara. Color the inside lids with a cold red lip pencil (e.g., Make Up Store's Russian)

Wipe the possible spread eyeshadows and color the face with a white supra color using a makeup sponge. Don't make the base too thick, but make sure it covers enough. If the supra color feels too thick, mix it with a drop of transparent makeup base serum. Tap the color also on the lips. Powder with transparent powder.

Create some strong structure to the face with a light purple eyeshadow or a blush. Lovely color, isn't it? Reminds me of a My Little Pony's vomit.
Shade the edges of bridge of the nose just until the nostrils. Fade the color well towards the ears.
Also shade the inside corner's of the eyes and fade the color towards the eyelids. Connect the color with the shading of the nose.
Next create some sharp cheek bones. Follow with the line of a cheek bone from the ear to the point where the cheek bone ends (fade the color upwards) and pull the color downwards. (fade the color towards the ears) This helps to create some manly shape to the face!
Next to the shades, there is always the highlight. Swirl some glowing white highlight color on top of the cheek bones, on the chin, in the middle of the forehead and on top of the nose.

Speaking if the manly things, line the lips with a cold pink lip pencil. (You can use the same as in the inside eyelids) Shape the lips less feminine by hiding and filling the cupids bow, you can also line the lips a slight smaller, depending on your models mouth. Color the mouth with a cold pink lipstick.

How about that cute little gab between the front teeth? For example, there is Grimas 's black Tooth Enamel.
Roll your upper lip up and look like a squirrel. Dry your front teeth with a paper. Swipe the brush between the teeth. (The brush is the same kind as in nail polish bottles.) Be careful with the gums! The best part? The best way to remove the color is with alcohol. I'm sure my The Hatter model remembers the 80% alcohol that I used to remove the gab.

VoilĂ ! And finally..

How to Prepare the Eyebrows:

You will need:
- Lace (like ballerinas use in their tutus)
- Special wig sewing needle
- Real hair (but please don't cut it from your friend's head.)
- Polystyrene head
- Pins
- Good light!

Start by drawing on a strong paper the shape of the eyebrows. Cut it off. (really.) Make sure they are a perfect size and shaped by fitting the paper model on your model's face.

Attach the paper on the polystyrene head with a glue or pins. Cut a small size of the lace and attach it well and firmly, slightly stretching, with the pins. Attach it in a way, that it stretches crossways.

Take a small part of your real hair and moist it with a spray bottle. The hair is curly so you can brush it a bit straighter.

How to Make a Knot:

I prefer to sew placing the polystyrene head between my legs (because I am a pervert) and throw my legs on a high table or chair. Trust me, the comfortable position is important in this business. Also the sips of whiskey helps.

Start from the inside corner of the eyebrow and progress from up to down, so that the ready knots will no be on the way. Always pull the knot to the direction where you want the hair to be heading to.

Notice: The paper under the tulle is just there to show the formwork of the eyebrows. No need to stick the needle through the paper too.

Also notice, there is no need to stick the needle through every single lace hole. The result would be quite furry.

So. Form a ring for a small part of the moist hair and hold it firmly between your thumb and index finger. Keep 1-3 hair in front, ready to be catch. Slip the needle through the one hole of the tulle. Take those 1-3 hair on the needle, pull them through the lace. Pull the hairs just a bit upwards so that you can with the same motion grab the rest of the 1-3 pieces of the hair through the loop. Pull the knot upwards, so to the direction you want the hair be heading to. Pull the knot tight, but don't break the hair .

The knot should look pretty and small, not like a tangle. Make sure that the knots on the lower edge of the eyebrows are in straight line.

And always think the direction you want the hair to stick out.

Ready, all the hair has been knitted? Awesome.

Cut the eyebrows for the suitable length.

Now you can color the hair the way you want to. My Hatter has orange eyebrows, that I colored with orange aqua color (e.g., from Kryolan). Originally my hair was grey. Dying with aqua color has one down side, the color falls out easily and with that can ruin your makeup! Try to use enough color during the first time of the coloring and let it dry well. But because we are talking about the real hair, you can of course use for example spray colors.

Last step. Cut the lace smaller, just next to the hair line, two-three rows of the lace holes sounds good security to me.

Placing the eyebrows depends how your model's own eyebrows are. If they are thin and light colored, just brush them upwards and tap and spread the skin glue/Mastix/Spirit Gum (e.g., from Kryolan) on them.
If your model has strong eyebrows, check here how to make them less appearing.

Press the sewed eyebrows on the glue and be specially exact with the edges, that no lace sticks to the air.

Use some hair wax and hairspray to style the eyebrows.

Now go to some oldish charismatic man with an awesome hat and start a conversation with him just to wait for a perfect moment to steal his awesome hat for your Mad Hatter. (NEVER done it myself, never.)