Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Create The Pietari Pan

How to create your own scene with Pietari Pan and the scary Midget Indians!

Lets's start with the scar in the forehead.

Tap a small amount of skin glue in the middle of the point, where you want your scar to be.
Take a slice of skin wax with a spatula. Warm it up a bit between your fingers.
Place the wax on top of the skin glue and start spreading it carefully with your spatula. The scar should be the most thickest in the middle and it thins out little by little, blending in your skin. Don't stop the wax in a same spot with the glue, spread it more further.

Tap a tiny amount of latex on top of the wax and dry it with a cold air of a hair blower.

Create the wound in the middle of wax area with a sharp spatula. The skin in the forehead is very thin, so the wound can't be very thick and with high edges. Don't try to make it too neat, it is more believable with the cracks and unevenness.

Add liquid foundation on the edges of the scar to blend the color of the wax. Powder lightly.

Choose a fake blood type according your story. You can choose from a color, that makes the wound more fresh. With a darker fake blood your wound has happened more long time ago.
Add the blood in the wound with a cotton swap. Let it drain naturally.

Add some blood around the wound and wax area with a makeup sponge, tapping gently. 

This is how you can create all the scars with the skin wax. The thickness and the depth of the wound goes hand in hand with how thick the skin is.

Next beauty tip: a bruise on a cheek.

This bruise is quite bad, he got hit really hard!

Work with the supracolors, use your fingers and a makeup sponge. Start in the middle, where the hit happened and where the color should be the most darkest and strongest.

Start with color, that is close to your own skin color with a shade of a red.  Add also some white and more yellowish foundation. 
Next to the yellow, add some greenish.
On top of this beauty, tap some pink/light red.

(On top of my bruise is a hit from an arrow. I used a very small amount of skin wax and worked like above.) 

Start tapping brownish color and on top of the mix of brown/red, add the blue color.

Powder lightly. Always use the supracolors before the powder products.

You can finish with a tiny hint of vaseline to give some glossiness.

Avoid doing regular forms, that way the bruise will be more natural looking.

The amount of brown and blue depends how recent your bruise is according your story. My bruise is already at least couple of days old and this poor little honey got hit very bad.

Stitches around the mouth

Cut short length of a light wire. Bend it in the form of your purpose. (In this case, the roundness depends the fullness of your models lips and how tight you want the stitches to seem to be to keep him to shut the fuck up.)

Tip a tiny amount of skin glue to the skin. Place a small amount of fake blood. 
Press the wire on the glue and push it gently to attach.

Enjoy the silence.

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