Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pietari Pan's Hand Burn Marks

The burn marks on the hand.

This burn mark is a level three one.

A dark secret about me: I love doing burn marks. You can add almost anything in your wound and that makes it looks better, more realistic and more.. Painful.

Start with a brownish red color, you can choose either powdery or supra color product. Spread it through the whole area of the burn mark. It should be it's darkest in the centrum and fading away. In the burn mark's centrum, add some black color.

Add some latex. Always remember: Find out if your makeup victim is allergic to latex! Also, cover up your clothes, once some latex in your clothes, always some latex in your clothes..
Add the latex tapping with a makeup sponge. Don't make it regular.
Blow it a bit, almost dry, with a cold air from hair blower.
Stretch the skin a little bit.
Add more reddish brown and some black in the centrum, this time supracolors.
Again, another layer of latex. Blow it just a bit with a cold air from a hair blower, but leave it moist.

Now place a tin horse shoe on top of the latex and push it to the skin to create the form of it. Color the formwork, make the deepest dents black and fade the color with brownish red. (Do this part only if you want your hand to look like some tiny horse has stepped on it or some nasty Indian torture you with a brand tattoo) 

Tear some cosmetic paper (you can color it with eyeshadows) or cotton to tiny and jagged pieces and drip the pieces on the moist wound. Also some flakes of oatmeal and tiny rocks are an excellent choice. This is what I meant by anything.

Now the third layer of latex, tap it with a sponge, be a bit sloppy! (Be careful with maintaining the little horse shoe form) Dry it again with a hair blower.

On top of this all, add some vaselin and fake blood with a cotton swab.

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