Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pietari Pan

Name: Pietari Pan
Age: Never tells. Never wants to grow up.
Likely location for finding him:

Peter Pan flew to London and found there Wendy, John and Michael and they all had a great adventure together with fairies, pirates, bitchy mermaids and the Indians. But everyone seemed to forget Peter Pan's twin brother Pietari Pan! Nobody was even worried about him. Oh, poor thing.. Anyway, this is what we believe happened to Pietari while Tinker Bell was worrying if her cute bottom is too big.

Peter and Pietari started their journey to London together. Unfortunately Pietari didn't believe in his capability of flying so strongly that night, so he had troubles of getting in the air. While Peter was singing "I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!" to annoy his twin brother, a Midget Indian (yes, they do exist) had followed the voice of Peter and then found a struggling Pietari. He was an easy target and soon an arrow, filled with Absinth, made Pietari pass out. 

Peter Pan was already spying the Queen sipping her evening tea on that time.

So this is how we found a little bit traumatized Pietari Pan lying on a canoe. 

The Absinth arrow had hit Pietari's cheek causing bad bruise, we also do believe a tiny Indian fist had helped the passing out to happen.
While annoyed or hungy, the Midget Indians can turn out to be quite nasty and should I say, violent. Apparently they started to scalp off Pietari's head. We haven't found out what interrupted this violence, most likely a slutty mermaid without her clams swimming by.
As you might know, Pietari Pan like to talk and sing a lot. It is necessary for him to cause all kinds of noises and voices while awake. This explains the stitches around his mouth.  

This picture also proves that it was the nasty Midget Indians in the business. The burn mark on his right is a form of a midget horseshoe.

Nowadays Pietari Pan is fine and dandy, he still sings old Finnish tunes all day long and he has managed to grow a beard. This is not a sign of becoming an adult.

The Supracolors from Kryolan. I used a lot the third one from the left (brownish red) and the last two ones.

On top my spatula from Duroy, below that the skin wax from Kryolan . From down left:
wax makeup remover (Kryolan) but you can also use a waterproof eye makeup remover. Next Cinema Secret's fake blood ,(the color is a bit corny) skin glue and latex (both from Kryolan.)

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