Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to create The Two Face

Here is how to create pretty bad looking burn marks.

The usual equipment from up to down: Supra colors, the spatula, skin wax, wax/glue remover, fake blood, skin glue and the latex. All from Kryolan and Cinema Secrets.

Start with a brownish red supra color. Spread and tap it with sponge carelessly around the face. Don't forget the ear and the neck. 
Next open not-so-good smelling latex bottle and ask your makeup victim to stop breathing. Tap the latex (your friend is not allergic to latex, right?) lightly around the face and neck. Be careful with the eyes!

Take from kitchen closet a fistful of oat meal and press it on the face. If the latex is already a bit dried, you can use a bit of face glue for help.

Rip of some cosmetic paper and attach it with a face glue.

Let's make the smell worse by adding another layer of latex.

What is that smell reminding you again..? Yes, it's condoms. IN YOUR FACE!

 Or dog toys.

Add generously grey and a black supra color. Make it most dark around oat meal and cosmetic paper parts. They are the part, that has burned to worst. The cosmetic paper is also good to color for example with a black eyeshadow.

Now is time to create the painful looking mouth. Draw with a kajal pen the lines of the mouth incident and fill the inside, tapping gently, with a face glue.

Cut a good slice of skin wax and warm it a bit between your fingers. Keep it as a one piece.
Press the wax on top of the glue and start spreading the edges of it with your spatula. Spread the wax further than the glue.

Create the form of the teeth on top of the lip. Also shape some shred of gums and flesh. 

Add a light layer of latex with a makeup sponge.

Color the beauty with a pink eyeshadows. Add some bright red, specially to highlight the hanging gums and flesh.

Color the teeth with a white supra color. Create the teeth gaps with a black supra color.

Color the eye area with a black and dark grey eyeshadow. Shape the eye by adding more black on the inside corner of the eye. Color the inside eye lid with a cold red lip pencil.

Now if you already haven't cover your friends clothes, now is time to do it (yeah might have had better to do it during the oat meal, it's everywhere isn't it?)

Open your fake blood jar and pour some of it carefully to a little jar and add A LOT of it on the face, specially next to and on top of oat meal and cosmetic paper. Let it spread naturally, don't forget the ears (bloody ears! Cruel!) 

There you go, now freak the neighbors out and go to ask some plaster!

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