Saturday, May 19, 2012

Corpse Bride

Name: Emily a.k.a The Corpse Bride
Location: The Land of Living

This lovely and fresh creature is inspired by Tim Burton's animation film Corpse Bride.

Our beautiful Corpse Bride Emily lived in a little village on Victorian era. One day she claimed her big eyes on a handsome Lord with a strong jaw and they fell in love. They wanted to get married, but unfortunately Emily's parents didn't accept their intentions and they had only one choice, to escape together. 
Emily was waiting for her Lord in the forest with a generous dowry. Finally he came. Though The Lord was never hungry for her love, just her dowry. Poor Emily was soon murdered by the man she loved.

And that is how Emily became The Corpse Bride.

Emily moved from the Earth to the Land of the Living. That is a place, where all the death people with unfinished issues go before finding their peace. That is why every day, every night she was waiting for someone who would want to marry her for love. 

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