Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Face

Name: Evan From Heaven
Age: 19 
Possible location for finding: The world's best burger restaurant, Geneva
Marital status: Yes boys, he is single.

Let me introduce to you my lovely friend Evan From Heaven. He seems to look all fresh, energized, happy and not afraid of life ( but he should be).  

Because this is what happened to him two hours after. 

This is what I would call a skin problem.

You see, our Evan From Heaven works in Switzerland's best burger bar, where the pace is fast and burgers fly to customers' tables.  

And the burgers, they are so delicious and les frites à l'ancienne - so tasty! Anyone who once enters this restaurant will always come back. 

It was a day like any other during the busy lunch hour in the kitchen. Evan From Heaven was packing the burgers and screaming out the order numbers."SERVICE!" screamed Evan. Where is the waitress, who is suppose to carry the menus for the customers? The waiter was on the other side of the restaurant, carrying seven menus at once, looking for the waiting customers. No can do. He would have to carry the menus for the customers himself. Evan left his position and took four baskets, filled with inviting smelling fries and burgers with blue cheese, bacon, and avocado mash - oh dear.. 

He passed the frialator and had an excellent idea. Why not grab a couple of fries as a snack for the task of finding the order number 767-770? But of course Evan knew that the fries, drowned in the cooking oil, can be a little bit hot. His mouth was already numb from eating the too-hot, just prepared fries during his working hours, the boiling oil just could not be that hot, right? But his hands were full! Although, he thought, he wasn't holding any menus in his mouth! 

 He double checked, there was no-one to witness his desperate scene with the fries. He leaned towards the boiler, tried to grab a french fry with his teeth - just don't loose the balance now...! 

From the pictures above we can see that the cooking oil was pretty hot.

So want to create the painful incident with the cooking oil or play Harvey Dent? Here you go.

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